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CBD Hemp Flower California

While THC heavy strains of cannabis and hemp have dominated the marketplace for a long time, California CBD Flower is becoming an increasingly attractive alternative to users not looking for all of the traditional THC side effects. The difference lies in the THC content.

If CBD Flowers come from a hemp plant they’ll have under 0.3% THC. If a CBD Flower is from a cannabis plant, it could have a high percentage of THC and CBD. Mostly when we talk about CBD flower, we mean that very low level of THC (under 0.3%).

California CBD Flowers are just like any other CBD products. It can help with a variety of ailments and people who use it report an easing of pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and other conditions. The idea is to reap the medical benefits without everything else associated with smoking marijuana.


There are many CBD related products and methods on the market for consuming your daily CBD. None of these products can exist without some form of CBD Flower in its product, making California CBD Flower the foundation for CBD products, it’s the master ingredient. There are however some serious benefits that can be provided with CBD Flower that other products just can’t provide. CBD Flower can have specific benefits not found in CBD oils, tinctures or edibles. With a California CBD hemp flower, you more or less get what nature intended since this is the source of all CBD. Ensuring that you get your CBD straight from the source. While there are many great CBD brands that do source their oils from organic hemp buds, that wasn’t always the case. Now that CBD Flower is becoming part of the legal market, testing and standards have risen. If you prefer to ingest CBD by vapor, you do have some good options with CBD vape oils. However, there you are still vaping a product that includes other ingredients that serve as carriers (PG/VG or MCT oil). Vaping CBD flower means nothing else goes in your lungs but pure CBD vapor. It tends to feel smoother too. For those traditionalist who enjoy grinding up their flower and rolling up, CBD Flower is the perfect option for taking it back to the roots.

CBD, when combined with terpene oil (also derived from the hemp plant), can be used to treat many different ailments. Each cannabis strain has its own version of terpene that, when combined with CBD, have what is known as an “entourage effect”. What this means is that their effects are magnified by each other. Each different strain has a different effect that is magnified when mixed with CBD.One strain of terpene is the beta-myrcene strain. This terpene is said to reduce pain, reduce inflammation, and help relax the muscles naturally. Limonene, another terpene, has a slight citrus smell and can fight tumors, infections, and digestive problems. A third strain, beta-caryophyllene has been found to reduce inflammation and lessen nerve pain.

Many types of conditions have been know to be healed by California CBD Flower. It can proved relief from strained joints and soreness. The CBD oil on CBD Flower can act as a sedative that calms the system mentally, emotionally and physically. It has been known to help with spasms and seizures. The effects of CBD Flower may counter depression and anxiety.

With a new age of enlightenment about holistic medicine, more in the medical community are confirming the benefits of using CBD Flower as an alternative to products with side effects. The social stigma is fading and the use of the plant whether for medical or recreational purposes is becoming acceptable. The plants are the source from which so much of our medicine comes. If medicine can be defined as anything that helps relieve suffering, repair, or at the minimum, control pain and provide comfort then products from cannabis should be a viable option.

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