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CBD hemp flower – Why should I use it?

CBD hemp flower. Now, if you’re a smoker, whenever you hear the word ‘flower’ your mind may harken back to the dizzying days of marijuana, where lighting up a joint filled with flower sent you on a trip to la-la land, at times accompanied by slight to extreme paranoia and anxiety.

Luckily, those instances only occurred in those rare times when you indulged a little too


much, but the memory of that unpleasantness may have stuck with you for some

The flower we’re talking about here, however, is no such
beast. Although CBD hemp and marijuana look virtually the same and depending
upon the strains, can smell the same too, the two actually differ quite a bit.

First, the cannabinoid make-up of marijuana and CBD hemp is
distinct. Your average indica or sativa marijuana strain may run anywhere from 12-25% THC with as little as 0-1% CBD. Almost all popular marijuana strains
that are smoked/vaped/consumed recreationally, have CBD concentrations of less
than 1%, although we now know that most of the medical benefits of marijuana
lie within the realm of CBD.

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