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CBD Terpenes – What are they and what do they do?

CBD terpenes the smell is almost unmistakable: just as you’re walking past your favorite donut shop, a red-eyed customer exits the store… and WHAM! His smell punches you directly in the face.

To some, a simple whiff of the skunky aroma is enough to leave them drooling… but to others it can be overpowering and obtrusive. Regardless of your stance on marijuana’s smell, have you ever wondered what it is that gives off that unique odor? They’re called terpenes!

Image: CBD News

In this day and age, you may have already heard the word ‘CBD terpene’ tossed around in casual conversation (a definite sign of a new era), and if you’ve looked around at virtually any of the products, you’d see a plethora of them are labelled ‘enhanced with [particular strain here]’s CBD terpenes’ or ‘contains the terpene so-and-so.’ Indeed, there’s an entire section of ours devoted to CBD Terpene Isolates. So why have terpenes found their way into CBD oil and concentrates, and what do they do?

Terpene Function

Fortunately, CBD terpenes go far beyond just smelling nice. CBD Terpenes also contribute to the often-discussed entourage effect of cannabinoids, which basically states that the effectiveness of cannabinoids is increased when they are consumed with the other compounds found within the plant. Their scope isn’t limited to marijuana either; they are found nearly everywhere in the plant kingdom; in fact, the smell of many citrus fruits is due in part to the terpene limonene, which gives off that distinct lemony smell.


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